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Are You Interviewing A Real Candidate?

If you have ever looked for the right solution for an open position, you have undoubtedly dealt with a multitude and variety of people. From the applicant that sends a resume to every listing available, to the perfect fit that turned down the offer, and everyone in between. While there is no shortcut for the recruiting process, there are three fundamental questions to ask yourself to help determine if the individual you are considering is the right fit for the position.

The first question to ask:

Are they qualified for the position?

This is the most straightforward of all three questions. Do they have the technical qualifications to perform the tasks required in the position? Everyone has a different idea of what “qualified” means. Generally speaking, a qualified candidate will meet a minimum of 60% of the expected duties without any further training or instruction.

Once you have identified that a candidate is qualified, the second question to ask:

Are they motivated to obtain the position?

Gauging the motivation of a candidate to obtain the position starts from the very first conversation and does not end until they walk in the door on their start date. A candidate distinguishes themselves from a non-candidate by the willingness to make your demands and requirements more important than anything else on their agenda. A candidate will make sure they are available when you set a firm time for a 30 minute interview. A non-candidate will have an excuse and only work around a time convenient for them. A candidate will provide you with required documents within the requested time frame. A non-candidate will ignore your time frame and get the requested documents to you when they see fit. A candidate will grant control to the hiring authority. A non-candidate will assert control.

You have identified a candidate that is qualified and motivated, the third question to ask:

Do the circumstances fit to take the position?

Determining if the circumstances fit has the most moving pieces of all three questions. Family, children, spouse’s employment, hobbies, health needs, the list is endless. Ensuring that the circumstances fit for the role is just as important as the technical qualifications. If your candidate has outside circumstances that could impede the fit for the role, alternative solutions will need to be explored. Alternatives could be flexibility on your side within the position details or on the candidate’s side based on the circumstances to make things work. If alternatives cannot be settled upon, moving on from the candidate is the only option.

Asking yourself these three questions can help save valuable time and energy when searching for the best solution for your open position. When you have identified an individual that is qualified for the position, motivated to obtain the position, and has the surrounding circumstances that would permit accepting the position, you have found a viable candidate and a potential solution.


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