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Recruiting is Eerily Similar to the March Madness Tournament

Ah, the NCAA March Madness Tournament- an event highlighted by over 60 teams across the nation battling for the right to call themselves National Champs. It’s a roller coaster ride full of thrills, disappointments, and only one winner. Have you ever noticed how recruiting top talent is similar to March Madness?

You’ve engaged the marketplace and have a vast pool of potential candidates in the opening round. Your pool consists of a variety of powerhouses, potential contenders, and Cinderellas. Yet they all have the same thing in mind: advance. Some of your initial favorites will disappoint early with red flags, some of your potential contenders and Cinderellas will surprise and impress you.

When it gets down to the Final Four, and your candidate short-list is compiled, you’ll start to analyze each possible suitor at an even deeper level. Intense conversations will take place, sensitive information will be shared. Next thing you know, your number one and leading powerhouse has an underlying impasse and is ultimately eliminated. You can’t believe it, but the pursuit must go on.

The champion is often the one who can shine the brightest when it counts most and has proven themselves time and time again. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to their success: they have the talent to win, the intangibles are there, and they’re ready for the challenge. Whether they were your initial pick from the beginning or you hopped on the bandwagon after a monumental win, your champion has been crowned for a reason.