Monthly Archives: May 2015

Don’t Burn Bridges

Congratulations! You’re leaving your current gig and moving on to bigger and greener pastures. You just put the pen to paper on your official offer letter and the wet copy is on its way to your new employer. You’re excited for the next chapter of your career, but don’t forget to make sure you leave the right way. Burning bridges on your way out is a great way to soil your reputation. Here are three ways to ensure that you don’t burn any bridges on your way out.

Give a proper notice. This should go without saying. You work for a business that has given you opportunities to be successful, you should give them proper notice to ensure that they can continue to be successful. There is nothing worse than springing it on your employer that an essential cog in the operation will be missing effective immediately. Be respectful and give a notice. Failing to give a proper notice can affect more lives than just your own.

Leave appropriate information behind. Whether that means training your replacement or spending a week documenting your procedures and position-related information. You want to make this transition as smooth as possible for yourself, so extend the same courtesy to your employer. Don’t keep business secrets and don’t provide misguided information. You are leaving the company, but you don’t want to thank them by leaving them in the dark.

Thank your colleagues. Be sure to go out on good terms with your coworkers. These folks have worked hard with you and mostly likely have, in some way, helped you achieve your success. You never know, you might end up crossing paths down the road someday and you will want to have a positive relationship if that time comes.

While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a solid foundation to build off of. Ensuring that you do not burn bridges on your way out is a key component of maintaining a positive reputation in the industry. Feel free to follow up with any other methods to ensure a smooth career transition.