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Recruiting and the Advantage of “New Year, New Me”

The end of the year is a time that is met with many emotions that encompass what has happened over the past calendar year. Some are cheerful and jubilant, others melancholy and despondent. It is often a time of reflection for what has transpired in your personal life and professional career; special memories that have been made, personal and professional goals that have been met, and unfinished business that you have your eye set upon for the next year. After all, reflection is a healthy part of continued growth.

“New Year, New Me” is a phrase that gets a great deal of use around this time. People tend to be more receptive to change around the start of the New Year, with the thought of a blank page waiting to be written in their own words. While some seek to change parts of their personal life, others commit to a change in their professional career. From a recruiting perspective, the beginning of the year is a time full of potential.

As we have previously discussed in our article Are You Interviewing A Real Candidate, there are three major factors that surround the candidate for the completion of a successful search: candidate qualifications, motivation, and circumstances. The timing around the New Year offers a unique chance to put two of the three factors in your favor right off the bat. Talented individuals that may possess the qualifications you desire may be motivated to make a change in their career. While that may put the numbers in your favor, there are still specific circumstances surrounding each individual, but that is something for us to figure out.