Monthly Archives: May 2017

Quick Reflections on a Decade of Service

Ten Years…it’s been ten years since we had an idea… let’s build on our prior experience in recruiting and create an executive search firm that truly services the land title insurance and appraisal industry from coast to coast. Looking back…what were we thinking? After all, we opened Anderson|Biro in 2007, essentially near the front end of our country’s worst recession since the great depression…and we had just started a company focused in the real estate industry, one of the recession sectors hit hardest! At first, we scratched, we clawed, and then…it started to “click”. Ten years, chalk-full of various experiences. Strategic growth. Growing pains. New business opportunities, some fully developed, some yet in their infancy. Ten years of hiring intelligent, fresh faces bathed with persistence and vigor. Ten years of watching trusted, experienced team members grow and prosper as mature, specialized executive search consultants. Ten years of working in the trenches, every day. Helping good people find good people. In many cases, helping clients share life-altering opportunities with candidates ready for their big break.

Clients and industry contacts, what can we say about you? It is hard to put into words just how much we value our partnerships. We are lucky to have such amazing client and candidate relationships, forged over time. Relationships built on decisions and actions based in trust, honesty, and integrity. Over the years we have partnered with Underwriters and Title Agents, Law Firms, Lenders, AMC’s, Realtor and Home Builder JV’s alike, big and small, public and private.  We’ve had a front row seat to a lot of deal formation and growth and have been part of a good portion of it. Simply put, we would not be here today without these relationships.  We owe this ten-year anniversary to you.  As we reflect on a decade of service…we would like to say THANK YOU! Thank you to our clients and industry contacts*. Also, thank you to our vendors, friends and family. Thank you all for your trust, love and support. Ten years…it went fast. We are just getting started!

*As a gesture of thanks, we are now offering a 10% discount on your next project. Please contact or for more details.