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2018 Recruiting Strategy: Are You Prepared?

2018 has arrived! Ahh, the refreshing turn of the calendar page. Annual bonus and distribution season is finally upon us. Hope springs eternal and… hopefully… you will soon be reaping some of the financial benefits of your hard work in 2017!
This year is looking like it could be wild and full of business opportunity and uncertainty alike. Of course, there are well publicized variables to consider with tax reform and what its components mean for each individual and business entity…. A shortage of housing inventory in many markets and the opportunity that brings to home builders….Rising home values and what it means for top-notch realtors and real estate attorneys… Interest rates remain at historically affordable levels so what does that mean for mortgage lenders and servicers? Or course, all of this has an effect on Title and Settlement Agents and ultimately, their Underwriters.

A new year is a clean slate in some sense, and a continuation of progress in another. In addition to all of your other planning considerations, your recruiting strategy probably falls into the second category as the search for meaningful talent is really never-ending.

The competitive landscape of the title insurance and settlement industry continues to evolve, and you are probably constantly looking for creative ways to provide top notch solutions to your clients. What does this mean for your recruiting strategy in terms of its effect on your ability to serve your client base? What are you doing on the recruiting front to grab market share in an evolving landscape? What are you doing to enhance your internal talent pool and develop your current team? How have you positioned yourself to meet your talent needs in 2018, and how does your overall recruiting strategy align with these goals?

All are important questions and you probably have an idea on most of these items. If you need help with any of this, please feel free to get in touch. One of our team members would be happy to hear your thoughts and provide candid feedback. Here’s to a successful 2018!