Revisiting the Power and Limitations of Positivity at Work

It seems that America and the world, for that matter, are currently in the clutches of a global pandemic. We know that for many, things have been better, and you may understandably have other things on your mind. However, in light of all the chaos going on there is also incredible pragmatism being displayed by […]

A Future Without Salary History

Now late-February, the annual January hiring kickoff is (hopefully) starting to translate to some promising resume submissions and candidate interview scheduling. Unemployment remains low and the market favors job-seekers, so those of us driving the hiring process already have our work cut out for us to find and attract in-demand talent. And increasingly, there’s another […]

Refashioning the Pink Collar

It’s on so many of our hiring documents now that we hardly think about it: “This employer does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” Equal employment has only been law for fifty-odd years. In that time, women have continued to make strides in a business world that once only belonged […]

The Gift of Holiday Hiring

The holidays often bring warm thoughts of family, celebrations—and some hard-earned time off. In the land title insurance, settlement, and appraisal industries, we see this season as a time to close the books on a year well-done. Office parties take the place of team meetings; we wrap up both projects and presents. We sometimes leave […]

Real and True Online: Why Authenticity on the Web Can Help Your Business Attract High- Quality Candidates

In our increasingly digital lives, private web users are becoming more aware of inauthentic web personae.  Scams, bots, deep fakes, and hackers are just some of the risks we open ourselves up to on the web. And in the era of Big Data, users are critical of companies that profit off of their web presence. […]

Offering Candidates the Benefits of Less Doubt

We’ve been there many times with candidates. Great interviews are had. Numbers are discussed. Basic compensation parameters are nearly finalized. Side perks are presented.  Everything appears to be in order. Happy client, Happy candidate. Then comes the time to open the inevitable can of worms that may be the benefits discussion. In the Land Title […]

Blockchain for Blockheads

Throughout history new technologies have gathered like a storm on the horizon. Individuals and industries looked on with fear and excitement as the next new thing threatened to change everything, some for the better and others for the worse. Along the way, both parties have been right and wrong as promised revolutions have sprung up […]