Got Feedback?


The title insurance industry is currently running on all cylinders as underwriters, agents and investment groups alike set record quarterly revenue figures in the space. When the industry is rockin’ and rollin’, especially with the national unemployment rate hovering around four percent, it can be difficult to find quality talent to sustain and continue hiring growth momentum.

There are times when talent does surface and maybe is just not the right fit for a specific need. Maybe that same individual could be a solution for a future role and it can be important to position your company to again have access to this talent. As you may know, it is important to properly let recruits “off the hook” if not selected for your opportunity.

Candidates often spend hours of their time with preparation, commutes, and using PTO to participate in said interviews. Taking five minutes to provide honest and constructive feedback to finalist candidates at the end of an interview lifecycle can be useful to help bring along the next generation of talent, from production level to C-suite.

We are all guilty of occasionally giving a formatted rejection response that may leave a candidate with a bad taste in their mouth.  Even worse, not getting back with the recruit at all, thereby leaving them hanging and wondering what happened when it all seemed so promising! Honest and constructive interview feedback provides a candidate the opportunity to understand specific weaknesses in their game, and the chance to work on areas that may need improvement.

Providing a candidate the opportunity to grow professionally through transparent rejection feedback can help build long term relationships, foster an organizational reputation of improvement and growth, all while creating a positive buzz about the transparency of your hiring culture.  Ultimately, this practice may help you attract quality talent today and in the future.

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